We are sincerely grateful for the incredible support of our donors during our Derby Campaign.

Thanks to your support, $50,050 was raised for our Star Kid students! 

Your support will allow us to meet the continuing and growing needs of our students during these challenging times. 

We thank you for your belief in our program and care of our students!




Derby Campaign Sponsors

Susan and George Petrovas

Megan Flanigan

Ann and Sam Mencoff

Gil’s Appliances

Van Liew Trust Company


Nordson EFD

KVH Industries

Sheila and James Powell

Kathleen Pratt and Turner Scott

Cindy and Jeff Babka

Susan and Peter Murley

Michael Moitoza

Juliette C. McLennan

The Portsmouth Abbey School

O’Neill-Hayes Funeral Home

Kate and Chris Greenman

Forster Orthodontics

Frosty Freez

The Pennfield School





Derby Donors

Kaitlin Della Grotta

Ann Arnold

Theresa Raymond

Antena and Miles David

Christina Alves

Elizabeth Finn

Lauren and Eli Dana

John Wallace and Hadley Johnstone

Liz and Peter Alofsin

Susie and Buddy Hill

Bruce Browning

Martha Cummings

Rachael Romanowski

Maureen Kerrigan and Jeff Dentler

Beth Jackson

Bill and Donna Stewart

Brian Cordeiro

Linda LeBrun

Brian and Lori Hogan

Marilyn and Wilkinson Marvel

Kim Stamoulis

Noah Duffey and Tori Hill

William and Andrea Keogh

Walter Reed

Eric Mack

Alice Sheerin

Jane and Paul Fleming

Walter and Marguerite Bopp

Kathy Ensign

Ericka Tavares

Abby and Brewer Rowe

Jill Lipton-Dropkin

Laurie Walter

Eve Hyatt

Margaaret Ryan

Rise Mattler

Marianne Foote

Patricia Goosnell

Cynthia Gayer

Kathy and Peter Stark

David and Mary Fiaschetti 
  in honor or Dr. Brian and Lori Hogan

Neil Coughlan

Annie and Brian Tatirosian

Chester and Jennifer Bejtlich

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Rok

Michael Merritt

Linda and Michael Walsh

Karen Flanagan

Darcy Magratten and Jim Estes

Kathy Wattles in memory of Gurdon Wattles

The Breyer Family

Joan and Jim McCabe

Kenneth and Alicia Quirk

Suzanne Thayer Kramers and Dirk Kramers

The Fitzpatrick Team/ReMax

Janet Stark

Heather and Jay Lynch

Winkle Kelly

Ted and Gail Yates

Stuart Schultz

Ed and Kate Sisk

Victoria Johnson

Jeffrey and Phyllis Moniz