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Dr. Timothy Flanigan, Founder, President Emeritus

Dr. Flanigan is a member of the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital and Professor of Medicine at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He developed the HIV Core Program at the State Prison to provide care for HIV infected individuals and link them to community based resources upon release. He is also associate director of The Miriam/Brown Fogarty Program which trains and mentors overseas investigators in HIV/AIDS.Dr. Flanigan is a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Providence, and serves at both St. Theresa’s and St. Christopher’s Churches in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Dr. Flanigan was the recipient of a community health leadership award from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the development of outstanding primary care for underserved HIV infected individuals.

In 2005, he received an honorary doctorate from Salve Regina University for his support of educational opportunities for children of incarcerated parents. Dr. Flanigan went to Liberia for two months in the fall of 2014, where he was instrumental in helping to get the Catholic health clinics, health centers, and hospital up and running again in Monrovia. His expertise in infectious diseases and his many trainings, assessments, mentoring, and guidance were essential in the fight against the spread of Ebola.

Eric Mack, President
Catie Benzak, Vice President
Liz Alofsin, Secretary
Heather Lynch, Treasurer


Star Kids Scholarship Program Board of Directors

Newport/Fall River

Timothy Flanigan, M.D., Founder, President Emeritus
Eric Mack, President
Catie Benzak, Vice President | Heather Lynch, Treasurer  |  Liz Alofsin, Secretary
James A. Purviance, Founding Member


  • Larry Allen
  • Cindy Babka
  • Jennifer Fulham Carney
  • Lauren Dana
  • Anne Davidge
  • Crista Durand
  • Letizia Gambrell-Boone
  • Kate Kirby Greenman
  • Susie Hill
  • Victoria Hill-Duffey

  • Lori Hogan
  • Michael Jilling
  • Maureen Kerrigan
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Heather Lynch
  • Rhonda R. Mitchell
  • Jamie Purviance
  • Rachael Romanowski
  • Lisa Sienkiewicz
  • Charles Weeden
  • Bob Weston


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Executive Director, Karen Flanagan

Program Director, Lindsey

Executive Assistant, Paula


Executive Director

Karen Flanagan


Program Director

Lindsey Haslam


Executive Assistant

Paula Turcotte