All Star Kids face some formidable challenges—Parents struggling with substance abuse, incarceration, often both and the vagaries of those parents flowing in and out of a child’s life.

There are many unique ways to sponsor a Star Kid.

Examples include:

  • Individual
  • Group of Friends
  • Family
  • Company or Employee (matching funds)
  • Private Fundraising Events (e.g., cocktail party, croquet tournament, marathon running)
  • Full Scholarship Sponsors: $4,500 for K-8 and $7,000 for 9-12 annually.
  • Partial Scholarships Sponsors: $2,250 or more annually.
  • Scholarship Fund Donors: any amount in support of tuition, after-school programs, summer camps, tutoring, and uniforms.


Private Fundraising Sponsorship:

Croquet for a Cause






Group_SponsorsGroup Sponsorship