After School Programs

balletAfter school programs and tutoring are available to each child enrolled in the New Bedford Star Kids Scholarship Program. We work with each family to tailor tutoring and after school programs to each child’s needs and interests. Tutors are matched with students who need additional academic help throughout the school year and summer. Tutors are coordinated through the Executive Director of New Bedford Star Kids Scholarship Program and school administrators. They also have the opportunity to participate weekly in our new after school tutoring center. In addition, New Bedford Star Kids students are involved in after school programs including music lessons, dance, art lessons, sports (football, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, basketball, baseball, cross country and soccer) and extended day programs at their schools. Our goal is to have each child find an after school activity they enjoy. Not only will these activities help broaden their background experiences and self confidence, but will help them to build a resume for high school and college and may lead to leadership opportunities. Statistics show that children involved in team sports are more likely to stay out of trouble and are better able to work cooperatively as adults.




Summer Camps and Programs

Each interested New Bedford Star Kid attends two weeks or more of summer camp. We encourage each child to participate in the summer program experience in order to be engaged in summer time activities, develop talents and interests, and spend time making new friends. This leaves an extraordinary impression on them. They return to school refreshed and ready to get back in the routine of academia after having made beautiful memories that will last throughout the school year and even a lifetime. This year many of our local camps gave scholarships to our students. Summer opportunities include:



Academy of Dance – Fairhaven
Bernard’s Driving School
Boston University Summer Reading Program
Burgo Basketball Association, Inc.
Camp Bournedale
Camp Cachalot Scout Reservation
Camp Metacomet – Dartmouth YMCA
Cathedral Camp
Community Boating Center, Inc.
Complete Player Football Camp
Friends Academy Summer Camp
Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
Holy Family/Holy Name Drama Club
Mt. St. Charles Fine Arts Program
St. Charles Summer Hockey Camp
Nazarene Christian Academy Summer Camp New Bedford Ballet Summer Camp
New Bedford Parks and Recreation
RBI Summer Camp
RI Saints Hockey Camp
Smith Mills Camp
Tabor Academy Summer Program
Texas A&M Basketball Camp
Whaler Volleyball Camp
YMCA Camp Massasoit