How We Find Children:

Children in grades K-12, whose parents have had a history of substance abuse and/or incarceration, and demonstrate financial need, are eligible for the New Bedford Star Kids Scholarship Program. Eligible children are typically referred to the program by local social service agencies, by schools with whom we partner, or sometimes the child’s parent or caregiver. After a detailed application is complete and an interview conducted, New Bedford Star Kids Scholarship Program will enroll the child in small, supportive, community-oriented and culturally appropriate non-public schools with the help of the willing and active parent(s). These schools include independent private schools, Catholic Diocesan Schools and private Christian Schools.



Source of Funding Chart

How We Are Funded:

Each student is matched with an individual sponsor or group willing to contribute toward a child’s tuition ($3,500 annually for grades K-12). Sponsors receive the child’s report card, school photo, letter from the Executive Director and a thank you note from the student. New Bedford Star Kids also welcomes partial sponsor commitments and donations of any amount, which help with after-school programs, summer camps, uniforms, tutoring, and school-based field trips. In addition to our sponsors’ support, other Educational Program expenses (including after-school programs, summer camps, tutoring, etc.) are provided by the generosity of foundation grants, corporations, the Dioceses of Fall River, schools, parishes, our annual appeal and multiple fundraising events. New Bedford Star Kids is very fortunate to have our administrative expenses covered by our founder, Timothy Flanigan, MD, as well as through our annual appeal, annual fundraising events, as well as foundation grants.

How We Determine Success:

The short-term goal for our program is to have each child attend school every day, and to thrive within their academic community. Star Kids expects the child to do the very best that he/she can in all of his/her classes with the hope that they will excel. Students are encouraged to become involved in the school community. Their involvement in the after-school, summer camps, and mentor programs encourages them to become interested and fully engaged in the community. The ultimate long-term goal for the Star Kids Program is for each child to graduate from high school and to pursue a higher educational experience. It is our wish that each student become independent, productive and self-sufficient members of their community. Our first Star Kid graduated from high school in June 2006, and as of June 2014, 28 Star Kids have graduated from the Program.