A mentor is an adult interested in the student’s academic performance who agrees to contribute to a child’s education through the gift of time and attention. A mentor is a role model who works toward establishing a trusting relationship with the student. As a mentor, you are part of a network of people who want to help the child succeed.

What is involved in becoming a mentor?
A mentor application should be submitted to the Star Kids Scholarship Program’s Executive Director, Karen Flanagan at A background check must also be completed prior to becoming a mentor. You may visit your local police station to initiate the BCI and have a copy of the report sent to Star Kids or you may submit the notarized Mentor Authorization Release form to Star Kids.  All forms may be found below.
What is a typical time commitment?
Each relationship between mentor and student is unique. The amount of contact will vary with each pair, yet mentors are encouraged to see their students as frequently as possible, as long as they are consistent. Star Kids requests that mentors communicate with the student at least once a month throughout the year.
Is there a financial commitment?
A mentor assists a child with his/her academic performance through the gift of time and attention. You are not obligated to provide financial assistance. A student’s sponsor contributes toward tuition fees. Expensive gifts for the student and family are discouraged.
What types of things can I do with my Star Kid?
During the first year, mentor visits are school-based and include help with homework, crafts, board games, and outdoor play. A mentor gets to know the school the child is attending, and gets an up close look at their school life. After a relationship is established, mentors may take their Star Kid on age-appropriate outings. For example, visits to the library, local museums, the ice cream shop, or a play can be a fun way to connect with your mentee. You will also be invited to attend group outings for the children and families that the Star Kids Program holds throughout the year.
Do I meet or have contact with the Star Kid’s family?
The parent and/or child have requested a mentor in their life. It is strongly encouraged that you meet your student’s parents and develop a rapport with them.
Where do I turn to help or guidance as a mentor?
The Executive Director and other mentors are a good source for guidance. Our mentor group meets from time to time to share their experiences and learn from each other. Our Mentor Handbook may also answer some of your questions.