After School Programs And Tutoring

July 31st, 2015 | webmaster

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After school programs and tutoring are available to each Star Kids student. We work with each family to tailor the tutoring and after school program to each child. Tutors are matched with students who need additional academic help throughout the school year and summer. The one-on-one help makes a remarkable difference in their self confidence and progress. Tutors are arranged by school principals and meet after school.

Currently, Star Kids students are involved in after school programs including music lessons, dance, art lessons, sports (football, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, basketball, baseball, cross country and soccer) and extended day programs at their schools.

Our goal is to have each child find an after school activity that they like. Not only will these activities help broaden their background experiences and self confidence but will help them to build a resume for high school and college and may lead to leadership opportunities. Statistics show that children involved in team sports are more likely to stay out of trouble and are better able to work cooperatively as adults.